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"Surfing is a feeling like nothing else. And the ocean . . . it's a joyful place. When I travel, I try to mix it up, stop in a city like New York on the way back. It's so different from the beach, but like surfing it's also really fast-paced. There's so much going on."
—Luke Davis, @lukedavisthegrey


Most surfers say it's survival. In the ocean, you have to be present, take things as they come, harness fearlessness, and, by the way, have fun. Luke Davis does exactly that—both in the water and on dry land. He tears it up on the board. And he lives in the moment but sees life's possibilities, despite having done one thing—surf—with a lot of focus since he was a kid. Or maybe it's because of it. Which came first: the strong work ethic and draw for adventure? Or growing up on the West Coast and traveling to chase waves since he was twelve years old—Indonesia to South Africa to France and around again? Now, ten years later, Luke continues to surprise people. He always checks the tides. And sometimes he goes against them.



"That weightless feeling of riding a wave—especially your first wave—it stays with you your whole life. My favorite thing to do on dry land is skate, but I'd always rather be surfing. And New Yorkers are hardcore, we surf in the winter. So, my surf school operates year—round."
—Mike Reinhardt, @ridewithreino


A lot of guys dream of turning their personal passions into a thriving business. Surf entrepreneur Mike Reinhardt is making it happen. Born and raised in Rockaway Beach, NY—which is officially part of NYC, by the way—he grew up riding East Coast waves and the subway. It didn't take long after college for him to pinpoint 3 things he loves: surfing, teaching, and his hometown. Now, Mike runs a year—round surf school there called Locals, where he teaches his students to surf, of course, but also to have fun and respect & protect the ocean. And that urban surfer mentality sets him apart; anything can happen, be ready for it, and appreciate it.




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