Formulated for electric shaver users, this solution creates the optimum surface for effortless electric shaving.
Concentrated liquid builds a protective layer on the skin and lifts beards for a smoother electric shave. Vitamin E cools and refreshes the skin.
Razor Burn Relief Ultra
Formulated for all skin types.
Lightweight soothing lotion delivers fast relief from razor burn, irritation and redness. Immediately distributes moisture to affected areas, calming the skin and re-building the moisture barrier damaged by shaving.
3-in-1 Post-Shave
Formulated for all skin types.
Breakthrough triple action gel formula treats in-grown hairs, soothes and prevents razor bumps and refines beard over time for easier, less frequent shaves (helps delay the appearance of five o'clock shadow). Absorbs quickly leaving skin feeling smooth and refreshed.
Formulated for all skin types.
Advanced formula softens and prepares beard for a close and comfortable shave. Rich, concentrated texture allows for excellent razor glide and protection. A patented formula system provides immediate relief of irritation and stinging.
Maximum Comfort Shave Gel
Formulated for all skin types.
Cooling gel post-foams into a rich, dense lather. Primes the beard and cushions skin for a close and comfortable shave.